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studio elevenlee

Studio Elevenlee : Art from the soul, ceramic works both sculptural and functional. You will also find a range of recycled and wood art for your home and garden.

Gerald Clapham
Gerald has been potting since he was 16 years old. He started in his homeland New Zealand using wood, and oil kilns. Since coming to Australia he has taught pottery in Adelaide at the South Australian Studio Potters Club, and the WEA (Adult night school). In Darwin at he has taught at TactileARTS (formally Territory Craft) and the Casuarina Night School. He has taught intensive weekend workshops in Raku pottery, kiln firing and glazing. He is an active member of TactileARTS and contributes as a mentor in working with clay throughout Darwin.
Gerald has a passion for many techniques in clay and works in stoneware clay, making functional pottery, raku clay for sculptured pieces and earthenware clay with underglaze, for colourful pieces. His work has been exhibited in New Zealand, Sydney, Adelaide and Darwin.
Gerald likes to keep in touch with new techniques and takes workshops himself to learn new and interesting ways with clay. In 2013 he took a two week workshop in Bali where he learned techniques he currently uses to add texture and colour to raku fired pieces. Gerald is also exploring and learning different techniques using mixed media and wood carving.

Kate Bussey
Kate has been potting for over 25 years and started by doing a night class in Adelaide. From there she joined the SA Studio Potters Club, where she met her husband. (Gerald Clapham) Kate has exhibited her work both in Adelaide and Darwin. She likes the bright and pretty colours of underglaze painting. Kate makes sculptures using clay thrown on the pottery wheel, underglazed in bright colours and found metals. She likes to recycle, so can be found on many occasions collecting objects and sheet metal from the local dumps.

Studio Elevenlee
A small ceramics/mixed media studio nestled in the heart of suburbia that its owners Kate Bussey and Gerald Clapham have created. The studio allows them to explore their passion for creating the quirky, colourful and diverse range of pottery and art works.
The studio and the art works range throughout the garden and house. Work stations and collections of recycled materials meander under the shady trees, and seem to grow along with the garden in an organic mixture of colour, art and creativity.
It is here you will find this married couple doing their best to bring a little colour and artistic joy to the world. The studio helps to combat the humdrum and the tread mill of their normal day jobs.


Darwin Art Trail Days
3rd Sunday of months May to September 2018
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